EZ Flash Cards

Take your notes and turn them into on-the-go flash cards! Simply put questions in the first column, answers in the second, and, for advanced users, use the picture support to include pictures with your flash cards. Then just load them on your android device and study in your free time. Share your files with friends, classmates, co-workers, or whoever you want to share your knowledge!

Developer Note - This is the first release of this app and I only have a limited number of test devices. If you have any issues please email me directly! I'd love to hear your feedback and make this app the best it can be!

Randomized questions and answers without missing a single question.
Supports simple text questions and answers only files.
Supports pictures with questions for advanced users.
Pictures are pinch-and-zoom capable to support larger images.
Supports multiple topics/subjects indexed by sheet-name.
Supports .CSV*, .XLS, and .XLSX spreadsheet formats.
(*note, .CSV files do not support picture-enabled flash cards or multiple topics)

Quick Start:
Open the application and choose the "Download Template Spreadsheet File".
Go to your default download folder (usually "Downloads") and edit the file or send it to your email to edit it on your home computer.
Questions go in column 1.
Answers go in column 2.
Topics are indexed by sheet-name, want more, add more!
Save updated file to your phone and open in the app or via your favorite file browser.

Advanced Picture Functionality:
Make a sheet called "Images" and place images in the sheet.
Make sure the top of each image is in its own row (recommend re-sizing cells and images to fit in a single cell).
In your spreadsheet file, put the row of the image you want in columns 3 or 4 for question or answer pictures respectively.
For questions that have only a question or an answer picture, put -1 in the column where you don't want a picture to be shown.
Save the file and when a question or answer comes up that has a picture assigned to it, the screen will split with text on one side and the picture on the other.
For large images, the picture can be panned and zoomed for ease of review.

Features In Development:
ODS format support.
Demonstration video accessible from menu.

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