Foremost For Windows (CYGWIN) / by David Cheeseman

Had this on my old site which I recently took down so I've attached it to this blog post.  Here's how to use it:

Download Foremost Cygwin Build
I noticed that the drive mappings don't always correspond to the mappings in the disk manager, so you may have to play around. I used another-external drive to hold the files because eventually I'd run out of space on my own HDD (foremost does not detect whether or not the drive is about to reach its max capacity). Here's the syntax I had to used to access my drive:

$ foremost.exe -c myforemost.conf -i /dev/sdf -o /cygdrive/j/output -v
This is a very untested build and I need to experiment a bit to decide if you need to install the cyqwin enviroment to use it. If it works out real well, I'll post a tutorial.