South Park Stick of Truth +6 Trainer by David Cheeseman

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I wrote up this trainer just to get experience writing one for myself.   Had used Cheat Engine before but found that writing a trainer for this game myself would be more versatile and user-friendly.

To use the trainer, start the game and then run the trainer.  Set the check-boxes for the cheats you want and go back to the game to kick ass!  There should be no need to run this at the administrator level.  Leave any questions or comments.

Technical Details:

  • Built with Steam Version of South Park Stick of Truth v1.0.0.0
  • Not expected to work with retail version, but please comment if it does.
  • Built on a system running Windows 7 64bit
  • Admin privileges not required.

Change Log:


  • Add global hotkeys.

v1.1 +6 Trainer

  • Combined max parameters to God Mode (except Max XP)
  • God mode available for teammate
  • 1 Hit Kill Added (Which does not affect teammate
  • Backend streamlining.

v1.0 - Initial release

  • Max HP, PP, Mana, XP, and Armor for main character.
  • Canadian and US Money
  • Set all players besides main player to 1 HP and no armor (includes allies)



Kill Applications on Sleep Timer in Windows by David Cheeseman

One of the things I've wanted to do with windows is create a quick way to kill a task on a timer without screwing with scheduled tasks.  That way I could put on a video playlist to get to sleep and still use my computer to wake up in the morning (i.e. not using the shutdown command; my computer's encrypted and a force restart would disable my computer's alarm clock).  Either way, I wrote the following batch-script which you can thrown in the C:\Windows folder to get this functionality without any additional software.  The file is linked here for download, but the code is listed below:

@echo sleep_kill.bat [seconds] [task]

@rem Ping a fake address and have a n second timeout specified by
@rem    the user.
@rem If this fails, try chainging it to a different local-space ip
@rem    adress that doesn't exist on your network such as if
@rem    you have a 192.168.1.x address space.
@ping -n 1 -w %1000 > nul

@rem Once time has ellapsed, kill the process specified.  ex: vlc.exe
@taskkill /F /IM %2

Foremost For Windows (CYGWIN) by David Cheeseman

Had this on my old site which I recently took down so I've attached it to this blog post.  Here's how to use it:

Download Foremost Cygwin Build
I noticed that the drive mappings don't always correspond to the mappings in the disk manager, so you may have to play around. I used another-external drive to hold the files because eventually I'd run out of space on my own HDD (foremost does not detect whether or not the drive is about to reach its max capacity). Here's the syntax I had to used to access my drive:

$ foremost.exe -c myforemost.conf -i /dev/sdf -o /cygdrive/j/output -v
This is a very untested build and I need to experiment a bit to decide if you need to install the cyqwin enviroment to use it. If it works out real well, I'll post a tutorial.